When 5pm comes around…

As I sit here trying to finish my morning cup of joe at 5pm I can’t help but think how my life would be if I wasn’t a mother… I know it’s a horrible thought, instead of thinking how wonderfully blessed I am to be a mother, a stay at home mother for that matter!! I should be jumping up and down with joy. I should be hugging, kissing, reading, singing, dancing, and maybe even starting dinner like a “happy wife/normal mom”. Instead, I sit here trying to just cope with the fact that today I did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING… I sat in front of my kids and watched them play, eat, watch TV, scream, fight, cry… while I constantly logged into my different APPS on my cell phone, sharing my clothes on Poshmark (this girl, is a hoarder of everything women and I can’t seem to sale it on there either, can I do anything right?) checked Facebook about 700 times, checked in on Instagram/snapchat a few times, and looked at my pathetic email filled with account notifications claiming I can make $100k a month without lifting a finger! Ha! Was that a run on sentences? Get over it! It’ll get worse as the blog progresses. where was I? Ahh 5pm, at this time this coffee needs to be switched to a glass of wine or a Michelada whichever one I’m craving most. The feeling is a redundant feeling I get, once 5pm comes around. This could only be explained as “WTF am I feeling” aka WHAT THE FUCK am I feeling (for those of us who don’t follow the new up and coming butchering of the English language). Anyway for now if you can totally relate, or partially relate, or even if you claim to be the “perfect” mom… just have a drink already! I’ll bore you on how I regret the calories after my nightly drinking sesh on another blog! Cheers!

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