NO kids allowed

quote-1460229_1920Okay, so I might just be the shittiest (is that even a word?) mom out there, but I have spaces in my home, 3 to be exact, where my girls are not allowed to be in. We are blessed to have 2 living spaces. 1 is where we have the old food/drink/and other questionable stained couches, where you will most likely trip over a few toys and find yourself sticky from who knows what. Then there’s the mommy living room, the somewhat picture perfect space, where my big mirror rests against the wall on the floor without me being fucking afraid that a child will break it. Along with 2 other spots, a room dedicated to my hobby, clothes (is that even a hobby?) and a bathroom full of hair/makeup containers everywhere. If you haven’t kept up let me just tell you, that pretty much creates a 1 bedroom apartment INSIDE my home dedicated to MY SHIT! Not including the kitchen, which I don’t mind since I’m truly not the greatest cook and it’s certainly not my forte. You see, a woman needs those types of things, or is it just me? I need places where there’s no fucking toys and I don’t get up with questionable shit on my ass. I can’t just have my whole house look like a Toys R Us after a Black Friday sale!! To be completely honest I don’t feel bad about it, these little human beings have taken 75% of our place since before birth and they’re only about 2-3 feet tall!! How dare them??! I am slowly taking back my space and I don’t feel bad about it. NOT. ONE. BIT. Why? Because This is MY home and I am the creator of their existence so…. they owe me… A LOT!!

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