Oh Mommy… You got cooties


Tea drinking, soup sipping, Nyquil (Nyquil cures it all, did you not know that (eye rolling)), and half an hour of complaining to oneself should be more than enough for mommy sickness. I get a day of “mommy is sick, STAY AWAY FROM HER so we don’t get what she has” type of deal, even though mommy doesn’t have a virus, sometimes a totally different sickness, but who cared to asked?? NO ONE. I recall my husband making me soup and 2 hours later asked if my sickness had gone away. Dude!! Your soup is pretty good but is no miracle soup! A little sniffling sends my husband straight to “I am dying” mode and everything, EVERYTHING, did I say EVERYTHING, must be done for him. There is NO greater sickness than THE DADDY SNIFFLES!! The almost dying disease of THE sniffles has got him stuck on the couch with several blankets on him, fan blasting (trust me, it makes total sense in men world), TV on, remote in one hand, and junk food at arm reach to satisfy every craving. He can no longer hear crying, yelling, or speaking. He only speaks if he needs something or to remind everyone he’s incapable of movement because he’s dying. The only time you will see him up is if he needs to use the restroom or needs to switch sides so the other side doesn’t die first! Poor Daddy, his sickness is real and needs everyone’s empathy and undivided attention. Mommy sickness equals to a MILD virus, a “holy crap stay away from her” cootie deal!! And TRUST ME ladies, you want them to stay away, cause if Daddy catches a slight side effect of your sickness…Lord help us all!!

8 thoughts on “Oh Mommy… You got cooties

  1. if I want to nap, something is wrong with me!!! if baby and hubby nap, anywhere, it’s alright! they work and the other plays! so what does mommy do? oh she just cleans the house, feeds us , gets groceries, gather garbage, and works part time, tryst to finish school and home projects when others are asleep! oh I guess, mommies, dont need a nap, they do nothing after all!!?? yeah right!!!!

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