Okay, by now you already know I write my mind. Let’s talk about these birthday celebrations, the origin remains inconclusive and earliest mention of such celebrations have dated back to 3,000 B.C.E. and that’s as much as I know or care to know. My thoughts on this celebration as a child was an unfair/who knows how it feels deal. Long story short, as a young child I was left with my grandparents while my parents found their way here in the USA, and my grandma claimed to not known when my birthday was, but knew my brother’s, AND we celebrated his every year, favoritism to the max, I know (no hard feeling). Even when I got reunited with my mom (my grandma’s daughter, just so you understand the situation better) she (MY MOTHER), also, till this day, has a hard time remembering our birthdays, and if she ever remembers, is typically at around 11:30pm that day or a week after, most likely because someone mentioned it. One time, I got a little upset that she forgot (yet again) MY birthday, she replied with “hey! maybe you should be calling me as well, I was the one who created you, and pushed you out!” I honestly didn’t know what to say except “I wasn’t asked to be born” very mature, I know. Now, that I have 2 of my own, I kinda understand where she was going with this. I mean, why isn’t this a mutual celebration? A “you waddled for 40 weeks and endured the most fucking pain to push me out of your perfect vagina and I’m just glad you did occasion” I think my mom had a valid point, right? I would love to see what Hallmark would come up with if we were to change the celebration and made it into a mutual mother daughter/son celebration instead. Imagined the cards “Happy BIRTH day to the once, greatest vagina out there, truly appreciate it” and mother’s would send their kids one that would read “funds for vaginal reconstruction are truly appreciated, especially on this day that reminds me of who’s to blame for the mess down south” or “you’re fucking welcome” and to be fair we would send a card to the dads a “Thanks for doing your part, we ALL know how “hard on” that must have been.”


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4 thoughts on “BIRTH day

  1. I love celebrating birthdays, the bummer is when no one remembers your own….and/or doesn’t bother to tell you. but alas, we can remind them with, I think I’m leaving the country on my birthday. …and such remarks…so they ask, when’s is your birthday and why???
    mmm wishful thinking….

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