I Froze…Sorry


I seriously don’t know if this happens to a lot of moms or just to me, but whenever I’m put in a situation I don’t encounter daily… I either run away or freeze. Very normal situations like my kids throwing up or not so normal like coming across a snake during our nature walks. Not so long ago I gave my girls a piece of chocolate (not your normal milk chocolate but dark chocolate) they both ate it, about 20 minutes later the oldest one started to throw up. I literally stayed about 8 feet away while my child threw up and watched. I didn’t want to be  near, it grosses me the fuck out. The 3 minutes that she spent throwing up the only thing I could say was “are you done?” Horrible… I know… I’m sorry, I just don’t like seeing/smelling throw up. I once also watched my youngest one roll down the last 5 steps of our stairs, in slow motion, I froze…sorry. No worries, she’s good, my husband is pretty good at situations like these, he quickly ran passed my frozen self and caught her before she got to the last step. Another time we encounter a snake while we went on a walk, I literally left my oldest child and ran away. The only thing I could say was “Babe (aka husband) get Olivia (my eldest) and hurry up!!” This is how it happened, we were walking and I decided that I wanted a photo (obsessed with photo taking too) so I asked my husband to take a photo with my phone. As he was getting into the camera and I grabbed my oldest to pose with me, something told me to look back, so I did, I was faced by a snake that was about 4 feet away from us. I let go of my girl’s hand and I quickly started to run away. AGAIN. SO. SORRY… snakes freak the shit out of me!! To be honest, I’m freaked out by a lot of things, I’m a straight CHICKEN!!! As much I would like to be THE SUPER TOUGH MOM, I just cannot. Since when do mommies need to be superheroes anyway? We are normal fucking people, females, I do believe we are so different from males (will explain myself later). I think society thinks that as soon as you become a mother you are supposed to forget about being you and start being immune to everything, someone who will not gag when her child barfs and will be brave enough to fucking fight a snake…well, reality, for me, is that I am STILL grossed out by throw up, and if my child knows how to run, I expect them to do so at the sight of a fucking snake! Simply put, I believe I’m doing them a favor, I am teaching them self-dependence, That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

5 thoughts on “I Froze…Sorry

  1. umm, I use to do double dare who can gross out the most with my older brother, so i’m pretty immune to most stuff, but not ants in the house or gross stuff in the garbage can…. I literally obsessively and intentionally throw away almost anything the ants have touched or grody stuff in garbage can, yup, i’ll toss that out too. I refuse to clean it! i’d rather buy a new one than suffer nightmares!! hey, it’s cheaper, why pay for pills or therapy, when you can replace the items!!!! all is well and happy! 🙂

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    1. Lol!!! That’s so funny!! And I’m actually not that grossed out or afraid of ants, I don’t like them in my home but I don’t mind them outside, which is weird because I’m afraid of EVERYTHING 😩😂


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