The Complete Thankful List

thanksgiving2015Let’s be honest, at least for me, I truly cannot relate to a lot of the Thankful lists that I’m reading on social media. I mean, yes, they all start with being thankful for the most important people and situations but they seem inconclusive to me. Yes, I’m thankful for my family, our home, my husband’s job, and most certainly our health. BUT, I must add to that list. My list most certainly has the best of all the lists I’ve read but I also NEED to add to them. I truly wouldn’t survive without these things. Here is the ending to my thankful list; (1-4 are above)

  1. Tv/gadgets, it keeps my little ones busy when I’m about to pull my hair out from them screaming about… who the fuck knows.
  2. Social media (Facebook, Instagram, my blogging community, Poshmark) it allows me to connect to GROWN UPS, these nice folks who actually reply not just scream/cry
  3. My phone, mainly for the fact that I have the apps listed on number 6 and get to make several calls a day to my husband and yell at him for leaving me alone with these monkeys.
  4. Extra rooms in my home (and doors), yes! I’m thankful for rooms with doors, they allow me to hide when I need to be alone (usually after a long day of mommy duties).
  5. Coffee, it wakes me the fuck up to deal with… EVERYTHING
  6. Wine, at the end of the day, this truly melts away stress, too bad I can only have it after my husband gets home, something about being a responsible parent or some shit.

Anyway, that’s my complete list. Let’s be true to ourselves ladies, we all need either 1 or all of the above OR you might have a “secret list” of your own survival needs. Please don’t be too hard on yourself, it’s fucking normal. Now, let me thank my new followers, I am thankful for all of you as well. I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving full of love and yummy food with lots of wine! Cheers!

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