My Little Olivia

Today was such a wonderful day. Most of my blog posts so far have been about how “hard” mommyhood is. Mainly, I write about those times because it allows me to vent about things that most likely my husband and people around me are probably tired of hearing about. I also think that this way I can potentially make other mommies laugh and not feel like they are alone on this. Reality is that parenthood is extremely challenging but is also one of THE best things ever, we get caught up in the petty moments, but at the end of the day, it should bring a smile or if we are lucky, a laugh, and I truly hope that you reflect and that you laugh your ass off over the silly/aka the irritating moments of this whole journey after reading my blogs.


Today I am here to tell you something different. Something that made me tear up, it truly made my heart happy. My daughter (pictured above), who is 4 years old recently started carrying a purse (impersonating mommy of course). She also found some coins on one of our dressers and decided that she wanted to carry them in her purse. Today as we were heading out she said, “hold on mommy I need to get my purse” she ran upstairs, grabbed her purse and came right down. We decided to go eat, as we were about to order she told her dad “hold on daddy” she quickly opened her purse and took out four coins, she then said, “here daddy” as she gave some coins to her dad. Both her father and I were speechless. I honestly got teary eyed and couldn’t even place my order. Our little 4-year-old wanted to treat her family to lunch. The rest of the day she “paid” for our groceries and wanted to purchase herself a coloring book. We decided to tell her that the one she had chosenย was going to cost a lot and she would need to use the rest of her money, so she said “I think I’ll choose another one”, we still got her the one she wanted but we were so happy to know she was being careful with her money. Sometimes we overlook the blessings and the happiness these little beings bring to us, and I for sure am totally guilty of doing so.

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