25 Days of Blogging Christmas Challenge


A little late but, I just found this and decided to give it a go. Day 1-5 are here.

Day 1: Favorite Christmas Movie:

My husband has got us into a tradition of watching Holiday movies for the whole month. Starting on October we watch Halloween related movies/scary movies, November we watch Thanksgiving (which is harder, is mainly movies where they eat turkey or something that reminds us of Thanksgiving) movies and Christmas…you get the point. I would say my favorite Christmas movie would have to be National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. I feel so bad for the guy, he truly can’t catch a break, it kinda reminds me of myself, as much as I try to make every holiday/celebration the best it can be…let’s just say, it’s better when I don’t try.

Day 2: Your 2016 Christmas wish list:

Hmmm, tough one. There’s a lot I could list like Gucci, Chanel, Valentino ANYTHING, but, I truly just want us to be happy, healthy, and reach our goals for the upcoming year.

Day 3: When/How did you learn that Santa wasn’t real?

Wait…He isn’t? I grew up In El Salvador and to tell you the truth, In El Salvador, in my household, we didn’t do gifts. We put up the tree and the Nativity set and we waited for Christmas eve to fire up fireworks at midnight and we partied. I adapted the tradition here, but my parents never told me that Santa “brought” the gifts, they made sure to tell us they had spent a lot of money on them and that we should be extremely thankful. Now, for my kids, I’ll see how long it takes them to figure it out.

Day 4: Favorite Christmas song

Does Mariah Carey’s “All I want for Christmas is you” count? Lol! I would have to say “Feliz Navidad” by Jose Feliciano

Day 5: Best gift you’ve ever received:

Even though it wasn’t the actual day, I would say it was when we bought our house in 2013. We got the keys 1 or 2 weeks before Christmas.

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7 thoughts on “25 Days of Blogging Christmas Challenge

  1. ditto on santa deal…my parents always baby Jesus was a gift to us…and he was our giver….of miracles and gifts….we even had the shoe placed outside or bedroom doors….yeah the nativity scene and tree were and still is my favorite thing to do!! yes, feliz navidad is my favorite song too…along with rompompom. .peregrinos van a belen…it just makes me tear up with Christmas joy!!!

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  2. ps. we also had the coolest fireworks and music bands and dancing out in the town plaza….the one place you can party out with the whole family and not worry about curfew, because we all get home around 12am or so….this was in mx…in parents hometown!!

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