Day 7 of The25 Days Of Blogging Christmas Challenge

Day 7: Most memorable Christmas

This is actually hard, I have a few. I want to say that, probably the first Christmas I had here in the USA when I got reunited with my family (long story, maybe one day I’ll write about it)…But honestly, I don’t remember much about that Christmas. I also want to say the time I spent Christmas eve in a super cold car because I was upset with my parents for not letting me go to my friend’s house instead of going over to my aunt and uncle’s house (I was one stubborn teenager), I literally was freezing my ass off, but no one could make me go inside. Or my little one’s first Christmas.


I am going to go with last year’s Christmas. I had the awesome idea (without research of any kind) to go to a Christmas tree farm and cut down our own Christmas tree…BIG MISTAKE, at least for first timers like us. The day after Thanksgiving we decided to take our little ones, my brother and mom to help us and join us in the experience. We drove for 30 minutes to the Christmas tree farm. First, we couldn’t decide wich one we wanted, next, we truly couldn’t cut it down with the little flimsy saw they provided, it took the muscle power from all of us, and once we had it tied up on our suv, let’s just say it ALMOST fell on the freeway. Both my mom and I were screaming in the back seat to my husband and brother who were suppose to be holding on to it. Well, the story does not end there. You see, someone in that farm should have told us we needed to shake it and leave it outside for a day or so. Someone should have warned us that if we didn’t do that we would have bugs…UGLY. CREEPY. BIG. BUGS, in our tree and around our house! I first noticed one on our wall when my brother and husband were trying to put the tree on the tree stand. We all thought it was just one that had probably just tagged along, My husband killed it and they carried on. Then we heard a sound, I looked around and found another one on the other side of our wall!! Then it hit me! OUR TREE HAD BUGS!! These huge quarter size bugs! We didn’t even know what to do! So my husband and brother each took turns shaking the tree vigorously to try to get them to fly out and kill them. Neither one wanted to shake or kill the bugs that got out, so they decided to take turns. Sure enough, a lot of them came out and watching them kill them while checking each other’s back to make sure they didn’t have any on themselves was hilarious!! After an hour of shaking and killing, they thought they had got them all, but, we all had our doubts so decorating the tree was a fast, don’t put your hand in too deep in the tree, check my back every so often, joking about one of us having one on our backs ordeal. Needless to say, we still found a few more around the house after that. We decided that the experience was fun and one we would never ever forget but from now on, we would buy our tree from home depot where we have never had issues with bugs. Crossing my fingers.



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