Last minute Christmas Gift Guide

I decided to do this for the simple reason that me, myself and I, STILL has Christmas gifts to purchase… I know, so bad. Well, in my defense I’m usually the one who buys EVERYONE’S gifts. My husband just approves or disapproves and gets the THANK YOUS after, OH! and buys my gift! Yes! He’s a lot of help (eye roll) Well, I hope this helps someone out there.

1. Let’s start with the kiddos, a magazine subscription or a subscription to a learning box are gifts that will keep them entertained for the whole new year! Check out the links below.

Learning gift box subscription recommendations:

Magazine subscription link:


2. For the females in your life:

Let’s be honest, we are hard to shop for, so if you know her favorite store, GIFT CARDS are your best friend! It’s how you package it that will make it seem as if you meant to get this for her the WHOLE time 😉 Try buying her favorite flowers or plant and attach the card to it! Also, monthly subscriptions to any of those beauty box subscriptions would have her jumping up and down with joy as well. AND they start at $10 per month!!

Look at different Beauty Box options:

Gift cards can be purchased at any grocery/drug store or at her favorite store





3. For the Males on your list:

Let’s be honest, the possibilities are endless, thank God most guys are not so hard to shop for, my husband would be extremely happy if I stuck a bow on a pizza box and let him have a day full of watching his favorite TV shows. But! If you want to make it seem like it was a bit more thoughtful, I recently saw a beer caddy at Target for under $15!! Obviously, the beer is not included, but if you go to Cost Plus World Market (one of my favorites stores) and pick up 6 different types of beer from different parts of the world, it certainly makes it EXTRA special! Combined all the above and he’ll for sure be one happy man!!

Beer Caddy :


Cost Plus World Market beer :

Well, I truly hope this helps. Maybe next year we will be on top of things…MAYBE!


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13 thoughts on “Last minute Christmas Gift Guide

  1. I’m so glad I checked out this article. I had had this “great” gift idea for my husband weeks ago and couldn’t remember what it was… until I saw your article. The children’s magazine reminded me. Now, he’ll be getting a subscription to his favorite French magazine. I’m so glad you jogging my memory!!

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  2. yeah, I get all the gifts, because, sometimes the dudes, just don’t get it!
    I also got my Christmas bedding that i’very been wanting for awhile…like a real three years…I figured it’s about time. I love bedding , especially for all yearly season.
    he may get mad, but when the place looks nice, and cozy, and it’s comfortable and just gives you warm fuzzys all around why argue with me! 😉


  3. Love the idea of a last minute gift guide post. Beauty boxes are a really great idea for women, especially busy ones that don’t have time to go out and buy/try different makeup all the time. I have been subscribed to Ipsy for about 6 months and I absolutely love it! Thinking of getting my sister a membership now, thanks!


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