The Entertainer Blogger Award


I would like to thank Azra from Simple Serenity for nominating me for this exciting award! I wanted to do this post so bad and she gave me the opportunity. Yay! Please check out her account as well, she is definitely someone you want to read about!! Well, let’s do this!!

The Rules:

  1. Write a post including the award picture
  2. Nominate 12 other bloggers who are funny, inspiring, and most importantly entertaining!
  3. Nominees will answer the same questions as the ones below
  4. Thank the person who nominated you and leave a link to their blog
  5. Answer the questions down below

What do you hope to gain from blogging?

If I may be honest, it started as a way to vent about mommy issues and now I’m honestly starting to love it and can’t wait to share other stuff as well.

What genre of film entertains you the most?

Hubby things Romantic comedy, in all honesty, it depends on the movie. I’m not a TV person so if the movie catches my attention in the first 5 minutes, I’ll watch it, if not I’ll glance once in a while.

Do you consider yourself a writer, and what inspires you to write?

Absolutely not! But! I do enjoy it

Why did you choose your particular WordPress username?

I guess, wishful thinking. I would love to be a chic mommy. Truth is that it’s the complete opposite.

What is your favorite book, and why does it speak to you?

To be honest, I have started a lot of books but have not finished many, but if you’re pregnant or have ever been, you must read Jenny McCarthy’s “Belly Laughs” you will literally almost pee from laughter.

What is your favorite song, and why does it speak to you?

There’s so many but I must say  George Strait‘s “I cross my heart” it was our first dance song during our wedding. It reminds me of our day and it instantly makes me happy.

What is your favorite photograph, and why does it speak to you?


Any photo of all of us together IS my favorite photograph. It melts my whole soul.

I nominate;

I hope you all can participate ❤ ❤ ❤





7 thoughts on “The Entertainer Blogger Award

  1. Thank you for nominating my blog and for listing other nominees. I think I should participate and should check in to know more about the other nominees, thank you!


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