Day 16 of The 25 Days Of Blogging Christmas Challenge

Day 16: Hardest person to buy for?

EVERYONE!! My fault, though, I seriously am a people-pleaser and want everyone to be happy with their gifts. I OVERTHINk EVERYTHING!! I also look at their faces when they open their gift…and then judge (probably completely WRONG) face expressions. It’s funny because I have such an “okay okay, you did pretty good” look on MY face when I open my gifts, even if I’m totally in LOVE with the item. Blame the #restingbitchfacesyndrome I was born with. I know hypocrisy to the next level!

❤ ❤ ❤  XOXO

7 thoughts on “Day 16 of The 25 Days Of Blogging Christmas Challenge

  1. totaly…that’s why stopped shopping Christmas gifts for some people…
    I used to make gifts for everyone, I planned for months. .and made special plans how to present my gift, only to get. ..thus sucks….don’t make me anything from a relative….
    from then on …I just give him beer or something….who needs a grinch for Christmas anyway!!
    but it busted my bubble that all my hardwork and love just went to trash.
    so, now I just give out only a few gifts…and bake something instead.
    oh well

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  2. Amen! I’m obsessive and crazy about gifting to my loved ones! In the past I’ve been pretty good about it….this year….I haven’t purchased a single thing yet. I have no idea what to get anyone this year, it’s like the baby is zapping my brain cells!

    Oh man, resting bitch face is hysterical. I have a resting “y’all are boring me” face with the sleepy eyes. Toning up the excitement this year!

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