Giveaway Time!!!


Okay Mommas, I been seeing all these giveaways being done and OBVIOUSLY is that time of year. My Super mommas, we ALL need to make our goals happen (vision board post coming up soon) BUT in order to do that, we DEFINITELY need to plan, plan, AND PLAN!! Sooo.. I wanted to help a little with that!! This is an Orange Circle Studio 17-Month 2017 Do It All Planner, Mom’s do it all with stickers and charming quotes!! If you’re not a momma (I SEE YOU and APPRECIATE you too and I pinky promise I’ll be doing more giveaways that you can participate in too) BUT you know a HOT Momma who needs this make sure to give her a shout!!

The winner will be announced on the 29th of December on a post on here.

Rules for entering:

1.Follow my blog

2.Follow my Instagram account  and my NEW Facebook

3.Share the giveaway photo on your Instagram and Facebook and tag me on it make sure you use the hashtag #chicmom2016 too

*Sharing the photo every day gives you extra entries

**Tagging friends on the photo on your Instagram/Facebook gives you extra entries


❤ ❤ ❤ XOXO


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