Why Don’t Men Listen!?


This is a post from my Instagram, I thought I would write it on here too. Let’s follow each other.


I told my husband, I’m going to go upstairs and “fix” things (he was watching football) SO he probably didn’t understand the whole “fix” thing… but STILL!! What I meant by “fix” was that I was going to go wrap up the Christmas gifts. So off I went to do the dreaded task, after about 2 hours I decided to use the restroom, I walked out of our “office” room to the guest bathroom. As I was peeing my 4 years old walked into the office looking for me!! SHE SAW ALL THE GIFTS!! HE had sent her to tell me that dinner was ready!!! Yes, props for making dinner, blah blah blah, HE SENT HER TO GO TELL ME!! She saw the gifts!! I’m sooo mad!! I don’t know what to tell her now!! I yelled from the bathroom “get out of there” as I quickly wiped (like always)!! I haven’t addressed the issue with her and she hasn’t asked, she literally just looked at me like “why are you being mean” NOW! WHAT! DO! I! SAY!??

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