Happy and Blessed 2017!!


HAPPY NEW YEAR LOVES!! I cannot believe we have started a new year!! Where did 2016 GO!!?? I feel like we had just started the year and now poof be gone!! I hope everyone had some great time with family, I had good and bad moments, husband says it all makes up for great memories…I guess. He’s ALWAYS so positive!! I’m a pessimist, I can’t help it, it’s in my nature. Every year, I began with telling myself, THIS YEAR! YES! THIS YEAR, I WILL CHANGE THAT…DAY BY DAY…THIS IS THE YEAR! NOPE! 10 years of having that as a goal and I can never be content with the outcome of my effort towards my pessimistic self.

I’m a bit bummed out, see.. it has started already. Anyway, breath Lucy, breath… my laptop, where I had a few posts for my blog has a virus. A VIRUS!! Thanks hubby… Well technically, not fully his fault. You see, I always have him empty my iphone right before any event/holiday, I knew I was going to need all the memory possible for all the holiday photos. WHY IS IS THAT IPHONES ARE SO FUCKING HARD TO TRANSFER PHOTOS/VIDEOS!!?? He ALWAYS has to research how to do it, there’s so many steps to remember and this time, he couldn’t do it at all. He googled other options and found a blog where a guy offered a free download to help you do it, effortlessly. Well, duh! He tried it! And well, now my laptop has a virus!! Inhale, exhale… anyway, I wanted to come on here and vent (not vent, share, insert happy thoughts here) a bit. NO WORRIES (In total control of emotions)… I am already working on more and hopefully (NO no.. switch to positive thoughts) the hubby WILL fix my laptop.

OH! By the way the photo above is of my eldest and I making cookies for Santa, I Β can’t let go of the holidays yet. πŸ™‚

❀ ❀ ❀ XOXO

12 thoughts on “Happy and Blessed 2017!!

  1. Just catching up. Hope your computer is fixed. I have an old phone and a tower computer and download photos and videos from my iPhone is really easy. Just click, highlight and drag into a folder. I guess I don’t even want a laptop or to update my phone. πŸ˜‰

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    1. Thanks hun. Still not fixed 😦 I guess, we all have a preference, I honestly feel so lost without it. I love my cell phone, but when it comes to typing up things and bill paying my laptop is a must. ❀ ❀ ❀


      1. Oh no! Yes. It is terrible to be without your computer (laptop/tower/whatever). We rely on our devices so much. And for me, each one has its specific use. Hopefully you’ll get it back up and running soon!

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