New Year New plan

Yes, i’m sure you all are tired of the whole new year, fresh start, new or maybe the same goals crap we are all posting on social media. Let’s be honest, we always start the year feeling like “THIS. IS. MY. YEAR. I am going to do EVERYTHING I put on my new year resolutions list.” It’s fucking hard!! At the end of the year you don’t even know where that list went, and truthfully you don’t even want to see it, you truly accomplished NOTHING.

I been there, I have always had these goals at the beginning of the year and come February, I’ve forgotten them or I tell myself I’ll eventually get to them later on the year. Well last year I went back to making a goal/vision board.  I am happy/proud to report I finished almost everything on that board. I believed the only two things I still am not happy with are, that I still don’t drink enough water and my body is not toned. I had big things on there and small stuff like drinking water, Yes, water is very important, but it shouldn’t be this hard to accomplish right?

I’m sure you have heard/seen these Goal/Vision boards, or maybe you’ve made one. I truly believe in them! I’ve seen a lot of them, I don’t think I’ve seen one like the ones I make though. Here is what I do;

  1. I write down my goals ex. loose weight
  2. I write how to achieve my goals ex. I will exercise at least 4 times a week, biking, walking, running, dancing (I Keep these notes on my phone/computer/anywhere where is easily found, just in case I forget)
  3. I write exactly what the outcome should be ex. I want to be toned and reach my pre-baby weight of 125 lbs
  4. I cut out photos (from magazines, stickers, drawings, actual photos, etc..) that will remind me of my goal
  5. I paste those photos onto my board
  6. I write down the outcome next to each photo (goal)
  7. I hang board in a private place, where I will be able to see it EVERYDAY ex. closet/in home office

Voila! Trust me, this should help you A LOT! You have photos that identify your goals and pretty much a plan to execute it all!! NO EXCUSES!!

I would love to show you the outcome of my goal board, but..I think it’s a bit too personal to post. This is the beginning of it:


Very simple looking at first but it’s truly colorful/cute/ and very helpful now. I also share mine with my hubby. I divided my board with him last year but he never completed his side. Well… he saw how GREAT it worked out for me, he actually did it with me this year.

Let me know if you need any clarification on anything. Also, tell me what you do that works for you, we can ALL learn from each other.

Cheers to a VERY ACCOMPLISHED 2017!!

❤ ❤ ❤ XOXO


2 thoughts on “New Year New plan

  1. memo’s, I memo my goals.
    then I put in my calendar, with dates and alarm for specifics. I love my phone memo app…simple but awesome!!!
    I can print out as well….and detail more if I need too. I have
    set up celebrations and events the same way…so I can time myself for preparations. I even wake up in the middle of the night with an inspiration and write in my memo…to complete something..
    when I get to it….it gets done!!!
    I even set up how to watch my debt…
    and how to keep track of accounts.
    Including cooking ideas that have worked well. I love my phone memo!!!! It makes me happy when I can delete the goal once I ‘m completed it!!! 🙂


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