Man Crash Mondays


I’m sure the hubby won’t be thrilled about that photo…Oh well, he shouldn’t take photos like that using my cell then. Lol! Love ya babe!

No, I did not misspell the tittle. I actually mean crAsh instead of crUsh. See, what I did there? Lol! Corny… I know. I must be honest and tell you that I have only had one man crush Monday crush. My husband. He is my MCM everyday. In my eyes my husband is truly the most sexiest and handsomeness man on this planet. You know how they say that once you fall in love you see no flaws? Well that’s me, I see no flaws on him, even when he dances around with his pants up to his chest looking like Urkel from Β the Family Matters show, just for laughs. F L A W L E S S.

Well enough gushing over my husband and let me actually tell you why I tittle it ” Man CrAsh Mondays” I decided that your girl needs to vent a bit about THAT flawless piece of ass! Lol! I’m sure my husband will LOVE this post. He’s flawlessness I see in the outside is not so flawless in thoughts and actions. Β So, I declare Mondays as let’s vent about that stud muffin of a husband. I must add that aside from being flawless in my eyes, he also truly tries to be a great husband and an awesome dad. These venting session will truly just be because no matter what, he, me, us, we all have a lot to work on, AND your girl’s gotta vent.

Anywho, last week’s drama was about the girls and me sleeping in too late. Let me tell you how all this came to be. He took almost 2 weeks off to be with us for the holidays and EVERY SINGLE DAY for almost 2 weeks we were going to sleep at almost 4 am and would get up at 12pm the next day. Mind you, that this was all for his own personal pleasure, I kept telling him every night that we should go to bed earlier and every morning that we should get up already, NOPE, he didn’t care to listen. So, both our girls and I got use to going to sleep and waking up late. He, in the other hand can adapt to any sleeping situation, he’ll rest ANYWHERE AT ANYTIME. Our girls and I, take a while to adjust and we can’t sleep just anywhere at anytime. Anyway, I believe it was Tuesday night when he said to me “you girls need to start getting up earlier” I replied with a “why?” and Β a “you got us use to this.” The next day he said it again, I got pissed! I couldn’t believe that what he had CAUSED, was now bothering him for the simple reason that he had to go back to work and couldn’t do it anymore! How dare him!!?? I felt as if he was calling me lazy! What bothered me the most, is that I was the one, during those 2 weeks telling him not to watch that last show/movie and that we should head up to bed. He wants us to be there watching with him or be there with him. To tell you the truth I find it hard to go to bed without him, so he pretty much begs me to stay up with him. He doesn’t want to feel guilty about having us go to bed without him. We ALWAYS go to bed together. So, I blew up, I told him something about him being such a hypocrite and a jerk! He apologized, probably to get me to shut up, and we went off to bed, he fell asleep about 5 minutes after that, it took me 3 hours and got up even later the next day! I’m NOT even sorry.


7 thoughts on “Man Crash Mondays

  1. there is a saying…hubby is the head of household, but the wify is the brains that moves the head…

    ….you get it now…
    I didn’the till now.

    we make sure they get into routine…get there health checked.
    keep everyone on schedules.
    momma’s the top secretary!! πŸ™‚

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  2. your right about the “don’t listen”
    and he got this weekend, yup, the “I told you so!!!!”
    “But didn’t listen bunny foo foo, and now I am going to turn you into a goon!!!” haa that’s what they get for not listening to the brains!!! πŸ˜‰

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