I’m not the only one that gets attached to things a little TOO MUCH!! Right? I started this year with the goal to post at least 3 times a week. No biggie, I can totally do it. The problem is that my computer got a virus, check out the story here. I truly don’t know why, but ever since, I have not been my self while typing. We have 2 desk tops and a few tablets, I can even do it on my cell!! I. Just. Can’t! I can never get comfortable enough or inspired enough. I NEED MY LAPTOP BACK! Why does this happen? Everything else has the same attachments, I can choose different screen sizes, different keyboard experiences…They just DON’T WORK for me! I feel like I’m all over the place with my thoughts. I’m OBVIOUSLY not the best writer, so far from it, but now, instead of feeling like a 6th grader wrote the post I feel like a 2nd grader trying to write a 10 page TYPED paper, on a subject she does not understand at all, do they even make 2nd graders do that?? Any who, I am writing this to thank all of you, all 90 of you, who support me even though I’m being so silly!! I seriously didn’t think I could get 10 actual bloggers to follow my blog and now I have 90!! I know for all of you, 90 followers is probably not much, but to me is like, “SHIT! 90 BLOGGERS LIKE MY BLOG!!” I stare at my stats A LOT!


I am definitely going to go and follow all of you back, to return the favor. Just bare with me. My husband will soon get my laptop fixed. FINGERS/TOES/ARMS CROSSED. I NEED MY LAPTOP BACK!!

❤ ❤ ❤ XOXO


7 thoughts on “Attachment

  1. yeah, 2016.. I got my bike stolen from my own place even though it was chained as well as my baby stroller…a few months later…
    I was so angry they had to steal my stuff…I bought a new “used of course” bike and stroller. the bike never showed up, but my stroller did , right around the corner to my street a month later, abandoned.
    yeah, i’m attached… my original bike took my hubby 8 mos. to finally repair so I can ride it.. which I was riding around with little one at least 5 times before it got stolen.
    I was just getting to use it…and so getting a another one…even if hubby insisted I didn’t need it…
    I’ve ridden another five times, I’m hoping as it gets warmer to ride more. plus if I don’t ride I walk. thus the stroller.. so, no stroller…
    I tried using the burley as stroller…
    it was bulky and it had to be put together and taken apart for use.
    so the other stroller I got was like my old one…before it showed up…two days later after getting the new one. anyway… i’ve kept in better shape with my alternatives without spending anything at gym…I have more to go. but that’s just diet…weight training. thus new years resolution!!! 🙂

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