OCD or Just Feel Good Habits?

Hi loves, since I was Speaking of my attachment issues on my previous post, I also wanted to share the habits I also have. They’re good habits I suppose, but, they’re a bit annoying since I cannot seem to function properly if not done in order. I am going to share my morning musts on this post and  I’ll share my during the day/night ones in future posts.


Every day I wake up to some sort of noise, is either my husband snoring, one of the girls needing something, our dog howling, my husband “accidentally” hitting me (he claims he’s not aware…I’m starting to doubt that), a text from a dear friend who ALWAYS sends me a have a blessed day text, or my husband telling me his going to work, we bless each other and kiss goodbye… BUT! When I finally do wake up on my own, the first thing I do is check my cell phone. I want to make sure, I check to see if my husband texted me. He always sends me a “I’m on the train love” text and a “I’m at work love” text so I know he made it to work safely. I also go on social media and browse all my apps from Facebook to Instagram and everything in between.


The second thing I do is use the restroom and I proceed to brush my teeth, this is where it gets annoying. I HAVE TO BRUSH MY TEETH, that’s great right…of course!! But, I cannot wait to do it, I can’t do it after breakfast or after getting ready, I HAVE TO do it right after I get up. If I don’t, I start to feel so gross!! I sometimes watch Youtube videos of girls who eat first and then proceed to brush their teeth… I can’t, I’ve done it, and I try to ignore my need, but I start to feel so gross that I quickly run up and do it.


The last thing I MUST do in the morning is how I have my breakfast. My FAVORITE breakfast are my toasts. One needs to be spread with either peanut/almond butter with or without jelly, or hazelnut spread and the other must be with a squirt of hot sauce and an over easy egg. THE coffee is a must too. My husband gets a bit annoyed, on the weekends he asks if I want something else or if I want to go out for breakfast and I honestly DON’T. I love my usual. Sometimes, he says he’ll make me something else a special breakfast to change it up a bit…those days, I’m seriously brushing my teeth (while he’s downstairs making it) thinking… I hope I still get at least part of my usual.

These things are a must to get my day started on a better note, I did not mention how I get the girls ready and how I plan out that part, I’ll get into that later. I truly don’t consider  myself an OCD person or should I?? What do you guys think?? Should I?? I mean I can still not do it this way, it just doesn’t feel right and would rather not.

❤ ❤ ❤ XOXO


5 thoughts on “OCD or Just Feel Good Habits?

  1. lol!!! ….guess what, when I wake up to make hubby breakfast at 5:00 or 5:30am depending what time he has to be at work….or regardless of the day, I also wake up to brush my teeth!! I just did it right now!!
    I like the feeling of clean teeth and mouth after waking up. I just get grossed out if I had morning bad breath. then I snooze again, wake up…again…get my “coffee” and have breakfast….depending on what there is or what I feel like. but coffee is a must!!!! then guess what ….yes…that’s right, I brush my teeth again!!! I at least brush my teeth 3 to 4 times a day….I love the clean feeling of my teeth….and I don’t like waking up little one wI think bad breath!! yucky, my child does not have suffer that from me at least! 🙂
    so, if you think you are OCD, then gosh I guess I am too!! maybe that’s why get along!! lol! 😉

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      1. for awhile, I was eating my routine peanut butter or almond butter toast, yet, with coffee, but that didn’t go so well with my gallbladder…so, now it’s just my coffee and teeth cleaning ritual…a must where ever I go and whatever i’m eating.


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