Thankful Thursdays

I must admit that I’m a pessimist, I think I’ve admitted that before on a previous blog (Here if you haven’t read it).  “My glass is half empty, If you expect the worst you’ll never be disappointed, life sucks, and then you die” type of girl. This doesn’t mean that I don’t enjoy things, vacays, shopping, spa days, and drinking wine are at the top of my selfish list. BUT! Give me a few sips of my cheap wine and all is good! A few glasses and I’m a total optimist. I’m not sure if life situations have made me this way, from being left with my grandma for a few years to having to deal with bullying for being from a different country and having an unusual name etc.. or because I have never genuinely tried to be more positive. Well this year I want to give it my all and tackle this nonsense. Let’s turn this life sucks, and then you die TO life is short, enjoy the shit out of it!!


I’m healthy, my kids and husband are healthy, we have a roof over our heads, food on the table, and enough to buy cheap wine 😉 What else could I need?

This year is the year. I’m going to see the positive in things and try to control my negative thoughts. I know that my thoughts are the ones that control me the most. I create these elaborate stories of everything that can potentially go wrong in my life and genuinely believe them. I literally torture my poor brain.

This is part of the plan, every Thursday I will try to blog about something positive that has happened to me the past week and hopefully as the year progresses my blog will be half vents and half Positive vibes. No matter what, this girl still needs to vent, you feel me?!

❤ ❤ ❤ XOXO


3 thoughts on “Thankful Thursdays

  1. I will be glad, if I make list this year, and stick to it! I get so low in spirit when I don’t complete my main goals….but “hopefully this year”
    i’m thankful, that I got such a happy little one and so delightful to watch even when she’saw making a total disaster!!! like eating her own oatmeal and using it as hand cream! 😉 grabbing my clipboard and sitting on the coach with my important documents pretending to write something important,plus making an occasional comment as though she was momma…
    or funnier still trying on mom’s bra or lingerie that she snagged from the bed when mom was not looking and running off to the living room with have the stuff dragging.
    i’m thankful, that my hubby takes little one out for spin or play kickball at the park or riding tricycle…and attention to me as well. i’m thankful for family and friends…
    well, i’m sure you get the idea! 😉

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