Frustration Fridays

After my positive Thankful Thursdays blog I must add my venting blog post of the week. I mean I’m still a mom of 2 girls under 5, a wife, I’m not perfect, AND…, because, I truly don’t need an excuse to “voice” my frustrations!!


Well, It’s been raining none stop and it’s been annoying as fuck. Yes, we need the rain blah blah blah, but can we just set up a time for it? Like between the hours of 12am and 5am! Wouldn’t that be AMAZING!? Anywho, normally I don’t care what happens outside since we spend most of our days in the house. Yup! I’m a total home body, not by choice, with 2 little girls who act like maniacs when we go out, I rather just not!

This week I needed to run some errands and they couldn’t wait. So there I went in this storm with two little girls all bundled up. Well, first it took some strategic planning. I told my eldest, when we step out of the house you will wait by the door while I put your sister in the car, then I will call you so I can put you in the car. On the way there, to my freaking luck we couldn’t find parking space in the closest parking lot so we had to walk about a block to get to the office where we were going to. I had to tell my eldest again, I will walk over to your side and unbuckle you but you will wait inside until I get your sister out, then we will walk over to get you out and you must get out fast. Well we did, and there I was walking with 2 little girls one on each hand in the rain. We picked up the paper we were there for, and started heading back in the rain, eldest went in first, walked over to the other side and buckled in the youngest, then I walked over to the other side to buckle in my eldest. When we got back home the same plan took place etc. Did you guys even get that? ANYWAY, it was a plan to keep us from getting too wet and to keep my 2 little ones safe. #momissues to the max! Well, to my luck the paper I had picked up had to be filled and returned THAT day, so guess what?? I had to go back and do it ALL over again! This time while heading back to the car from the office my littlest decided it was the perfect time to throw a tantrum, so there I am in the middle of the parking lot trying to pick up the little one while keeping the other one close by. She cried and kicked all the way to the car, and trying to get her in her car seat was a battle all on its own.

WHY DO THESE KIDS ALWAYS PICK THE PERFECT MOMENT FOR TANTRUMS!? Is like they know if they throw a tantrum right there and then it will be THEIR BEST FUCKING TANTRUM YET! They must secretly give each other kudos for it!! She seriously was perfectly fine and a fucking second later she was on the fucking floor screaming for no reason at all. I guess she decided, Hey! Rain! Mom is in a rush, soaked, cold, and has only one hand to handle my WHOLE powerful self…PERFECT MOMENT!!

So, that was the highlight of my week, have a wonderful weekend luvs!

❀ ❀ ❀ XOXO

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