Get the look Saturdays


I know nothing about Fashion, the only thing I know is that I LOVE FASHION, I can look at outfits for days and not be bored at all. In the contrary, it would be the best day ever!! Anyway, I am going to try to post a weekly fashion post or maybe just once a month, depending on how many times this Momma actually gets to dress up. I have quite a lot of clothes I have collected over the years, I’m a clothes and accessories hoarder. A lot of my stuff is not current, that’s the beauty of fashion, it always comes back around. I will try my best to find current things you can actually buy NOW, if I cannot find the actual item. Most likely I won’t, like I said, I truly haven’t gone shopping in a while, I just have loads of stuff I haven’t worn, I been pregnant and then trying to loose the weight for the past 4 years or so, therefore, my stuff has just been hanging there.

Well here is my first FASHION post!! I hope you enjoy it!!

The look: What I wore New Year’s Eve to ring in 2017!!

The faux leather dress is from Selections in a size 6


Get the look Here

The over the knee boots are from Kelsi girl in a size 8


Get similar ones HERE

The genuine leather belt is from Avignon size Medium


Get it Here

I also wore a choker that I bought a long time ago, I got it at a boutique, I don’t recall the name.


I wore it inside out, like this:


Similar one HERE

I also wore 2 different hair extensions


The black ones are my Bellami and the ombre ones I forgot, get similar ones HERE

I hope my first “Get the look Saturday” is at least 50%  inspiring as those wonderfully perfect fashion blogs.

❤ ❤ ❤ XOXO


8 thoughts on “Get the look Saturdays

  1. ….yeah it’s fun to even get to dress up.. trying on different clothes, match them in different ways and accessorize, accessorize, accessorize👸👸👸!!!
    plus shop for something new…have tried…they have some cute outfits too! Valentines is coming!❤

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    1. Yup! Asos, TopShop, Missguided, Net-a-Porter you name it!! I love them all! I have way too much stuff at the moment, things that I haven’t even worn…I need to NOT shop at the moment and accessorize what I have to bring them up to part. 🙂


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