Yes, I meant crash, see why in my Man Crash Mondays post.


First let’s get one thing straight. I have nothing, absolutely NOTHING against the game, the fans, the whole business, ahem I mean game. Well, who are we kidding? it IS a business. These guys chase after a ball in tight pants, a set of cheerleaders on one side cheer, and EVERYONE  makes money!! EXCEPT for the millions of people who are most likely drinking ($$$), eating ($$$), and screaming their lungs out, in front of a paid channel ($$$) with commercials that cost more than a normal human, like myself, will ever dream of having (Dolla’ signs EVERYWHERE), or seating on a very expensive plastic seat in a stadium (Cha-ching). Well, to be fair, you can certainly bet on it, you have a 50/50 chance of getting a crumb of that pie, but most people don’t. BUT! Hey! We all find different ways to entertain each other right? I’m truly not against it, I just can’t understand how anyone can sit there for almost 4 hours watching men chase a ball. One thing does bothers me a bit though, why is it called football? Aside from a kick after a score or right before it’s too late to score real points, the foot doesn’t touch the ball!! OMG!! WHY DO I KNOW THAT?? Or am I totally wrong??


*Our first born had a Cowboys cheerleader’s outfit since birth

In the midst of the whole football season coming to an end, SERIOUSLY! How do I know this stuff!!?? I wanted to type a few things that DO bother me, not about football but about the LOVE for football. My husband’s favorite team is the Dallas Cowboys. He was born and raised in Texas. So… yeah… Cowboys fan till the end!

What infuriates me, is that on any given weekend day when his boys are not playing, it literally takes me an hour to wake him up. Even when plans are made or we have somewhere to be, his freaking hard to wake up!! I get “you’re so warm, 5 more minutes” or “you’re so smooth let’s cuddle for 10 more minutes” or “let me “think” about what I want to do before I get up, give me 20 minutes”! Once he fucking runs out of excuses to stay in bed and gets up, he moves like a fucking turtle on sleeping pills!!

OOOOOHHHH!! BUT! WAIT! If the cowboys are playing, his day is planned around the game! It starts the night before when he sets up an alarm,cause you know, you can’t over sleep when the boys are playing, that’s a sin! He jumps up all fresh and ready for his FOOTBALL WATCHING DAY!! “EVERYBODY get up!!” Hand clapping and all… “The day is young and we must NOT waste it in bed!!”He proudly says, like he has this marvelous productive day planned. There we go downstairs to enjoy 4 hours of FUN! FUN! FUN! TV time! He’s literally downstairs within 3 minutes, making breakfast for the whole family, while watching the pregame commentators, mainly watching, hardly cooking. Breakfast takes 30 EXTRA minutes to be done on those days.

What he never cease to understand is that it REALLY would NOT bother me THAT much, if he would behave the same way towards our plans. Why is it that football needs planning to a T and our already planned (mainly by me) plans are SO hard to even get out of bed for?? If he would ever spend the other 6 months of the year, when “his boys” don’t play, at least acting as if our plans are THE BEST FUCKING PLANS EVER!! I would NEVER have ANYTHING, or at least not as much, to say about his LOVE for those ball chasing tight pants he ABSOLUTELY LOVES! You feel me!?

Happy Monday!!

P.S. This post was TOTALLY dedicated to my EVERYDAY man crush


I hope I made you proud with all this football terminology or at least for the attempt 😉 Love ya Bicho ❤

❤ ❤ ❤ XOXO

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