Oh Crap!!


It’s that time again, where I seat here making excuses for not potty training my kid. “She’s too young or I still have a long time before she goes to preschool, no worries.” PROCRASTINATION to the fullest.

My littlest just turned 2 years old 14 days ago. I know moms who start as early as 1 year and know others who wait until the child actually gives them the go. The photo up there is of me training my first born. The excitement shows on my face right? HA! Not even! It’s frustrating and time consuming as hell.

I believe, I started potty training Olivia at the age of 21 months. She was doing pretty good, but then I found out I was pregnant and became pretty immobile so I stopped. We then tried again when she was around 2 years and a half and she learned in a weekend! She was so good!

This time I’ve decided I will teach Amelia now, she’s not as young as when I first attempted with Olivia but not as old as the second time around. I don’t want to wait any longer. I want to get this tedious process out of the way NOW!

I gather a few things that I used to help my first one to keep things easy. I will be using these items again with my second one. Here is the list just in case you need a little help;


Get it HERE

We opted for an actual seat that would go over the toilet, that way she would get use to the actual toilet and not have to reintroduce a different place after she had learned in a potty chair. Might become double the work, NO THANK YOU!


Get similar one HERE or a more cost efficient HERE

Trust me, if you are going to use the seat you will need a stepping stool, after the 10th time, your back will not be up for picking up that child that seems to weigh 80 extra pounds now!


Get them HERE

If you don’t want a pee or poop trail I think it’s best to start with pull ups and then move on to potty training underwear like these HERE OR boys HERE and finally go shopping for her/his favorite big kid underwear like these HERE OR boys HERE .


Get them HERE

You obviously need to bribe them, I found these pretty healthy and yummy lollipops. If “junk” doesn’t work, maybe reward them with little toys or stickers, whatever freaking works!! You are done with this shit…literally! WHATEVER works! JUST. DO. IT!!



Get it HERE or choose one from all THESE

We got a book to first introduce the actual process and explain the whole experience. There are also videos on Youtube  HERE of stories, tips, and songs that will help you in this daunting but necessary journey. The process might be fast and easy (wishful thinking) or long and hard…But we can beat this SHIT!

A few extra tips;

  1. Try to start on a week or weekend when you know you’ll be home
  2. If you must go out, use pull ups, BUT don’t stop the training, make sure you take them to the public bathroom
  3. Public bathrooms can scare little ones with their automatic LOUD flushing, take a sticky note pad and cover the sensor with one, take it off only after your LO is completely off and a few steps away *explain the loud sound and why we cover the seat
  4. If you have issues with them going number 2 is usually because they’re afraid that a part of them is being ejected from their body, find a video or a book to explain that we all  do it and it’s a natural way to remove unnecessary stuff from our body
  5. Don’t over exaggerate the accomplishment, AFTER A WHILE, they need it at the beginning but after a few happy dances, screams and bribes, they need to understand it’s a normal thing everyone needs to learn and continue to do on their own without prices and chants
  6. Don’t forget to try to teach them to clean themselves, practice makes perfect, and they need  A LOT of practice, might as well start now, even if you need to clean them after
  7. Teach them to wash their hands after every potty visit

Get ready to be cleaning pee and poop off the floor/rugs/carpet/beds/chairs/sofas/clothes/etc.. for a while, hopefully not too long, but rejoice in the thought of not having to clean, someone else’s, shit EVER again! Unless, you want more kids, then…your’re on your own, I am done with this one!


Don’t forget to REWARD YOURSELF! YOU DESERVE IT, after all the shit you’ll encounter, it’s only fair!! LOL!! I crack myself up! CRACK! LOL! MAKE ME STOP!!

Happy Tuesday loves and may we all be blessed with lots of patience to endure this journey!! Cheers!!

❤ ❤ ❤ XOXO


13 thoughts on “Oh Crap!!

  1. I have a four year old that REFUSES to poop on the potty. She’ll pee on it all day long, but won’t do the other no matter what I offer her. And she still isn’t good at night. Sigh. Since she is our last, I’m so ready to be over this stage of my life. I wanted to start early with her, but it didn’t work. She wasn’t ready and it made it worse so I had to drop the issue.

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    1. Have you ever tried to ask her why? I mean, it IS scary to see something in an actual shape form come out of our bodies. Maybe a book or a video that actually describes the importance of going #2 and that EVERYONE does it might help. Wishing you the best, I start this weekend, so we will see how this all works out for us. ❤ ❤

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  2. my daughter is 19 months, and it is the hardest thing to get her to do anything in her potty! i remember my mother potty training my little sister as soon as she was able to sit, so by the time she was walking she would ask to go potty! maybe i should try and get her toilet seat!

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    1. She’s still very young, so she might need extra help/time. One thing is for sure everyone learns differently. The key is to find what actually will motivate her to use the potty or keep her from being afraid. I am starting this weekend with my 2 year old and I don’t want to jinx myself, but I think this time it won’t be that easy… we shall see. I’m wishing the best of luck to us in this whole shitty situation. Lol! #suchapottytyper I’m truly not in person ❤ ❤


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