Thankful Thursdays-Wipes

Okay this might sound cliché, but, I am thankful for wipes. YES! WIPES! If you’re a mom and you’re not thankful for wipes…WHO ARE YOU? These not only get my little ones bums clean but I can use them for EVERYTHING around the house.



Get them HERE or your local Costco if you have a membership *Not the best option but these are the ones I get on my super fast run to Costco.

Costco runs are the worst and on sample days…OMG!! I’m not going to lie, sometimes we grab a few things to sample, mainly to get the girls to stay quiet, but I do feel like some people go there to feed their family!! I mean, they literally stand there waiting for the person to make more. It’s like “MOVE!” At least pretend you’re shopping near the stand or something!!

Crap! Sidetracked, rant finito.

Anywho, I use the wipes ALL the time, for example;

  1. When my clumsy kids/I spill something sticky
  2. When the bathroom counters need a little cleaning and it’s not cleaning day
  3. Actually, to wipe ALL the counters/tables all over the house
  4. When I hate the lipstick/makeup I tried on and don’t have makeup wipes
  5. When your little ones need a little wipe down from the face/hands/etc
  6. To clean my own self (Hey! You know you do it)
  7. When you run out of toilet paper
  8. Dusting anything

They keep my stinkers clean and my house decent on those days you truly don’t want to pull out everything you use to clean your home.

So, today and most days, I am thankful for wipes.

Happy Thursday Luvs!! Tomorrow is FRIYAY!!!!!

❤ ❤ ❤ XOXO

2 thoughts on “Thankful Thursdays-Wipes

  1. yes. wipeys are a mommas best friend!!! especially when disaster hits in the middle of an event….snot everywhere….or barf on clothes. ….food spilled on shoes….yes, i ñove wipes …we go thru a box a month! yes, cosco full pack! and i only have one kid!!

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