Frustration Fridays-Hand over her Mouth


She looks so innocent and just perfect in my eyes, but let me tell you… This week, my frustration has been mainly HER. Her terrible twos are beyond even her own little self. I can see that even she can’t understand such frustration.

I’ve had a hair pulling, wine at 10 am, and DO NOT DISTURB as soon as the husband gets home type of week.

She is QUEEN in this house and we are all in her way. She wants to watch only her shows on TV, eat who knows what, and EVERYTHING bothers her. Her new thing is that if she doesn’t get what she wants she becomes this outraged drama queen. This week she started to cover her mouth, to add to the drama, while she throws her head back and screams her lungs out! At the park, stores, car, in the house, EVERYWHERE!! So instead of going out to have others feel bad/give us bad looks, we are literally prisoners in “her castle” living under her rules and listening to her lungs!!

Anyway, I survived one more week of this terrible stage.

*And no, no wine drinking was done at 10 am…I waited until after my husband got home , the hair pulling and do not disturbed…that was inevitable, something has to give.

Happy Friyay Luvs!!

❤ ❤ ❤ XOXO

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