Man Crash Mondays-Noise


So sorry if the above photo scared you, funny thing is that he sent me this pic, not knowing that it was going to fit PERFECTLY well with this post. Lol!! Thanks hubby!

That face up there, okay, maybe not the exact one on that pic but behind that mask, there’s this noise craving face!!

Let me explain myself. This guy NEEDS background noise ALL. DAY. LONG!! If he’s working, if he’s playing with the girls, when he’s pretending to listen to what I’m saying, HE NEEDS NOISE!! If you turn the tv or his music off he stops functioning. He can’t do ANYTHING without background noise. The Tv is on EVERY. SINGLE. SECOND. THAT HE’S AWAKE!!

I guess I can deal with him needing such stimulation, BUT, what irritates me, is that if at any given moment I want to turn the TV off for a few minutes he literally sits there looking confused, as if there’s no need to be awake anymore, the day is FINITO, he falls asleep within 5 minutes!!

I think I married a robot! A robot that only functions with NOISE!! It’s like noise is he’s ON button. Noise=On/Silence=OFF!! Grrrrreeeeeat!!

Happy Mondays Luvs!!

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