Selfish Much?


Yes, maybe I might come off as selfish. Like I said before HERE I have spaces in my home where our girls are not allowed and let’s add to that selfish list: I make MY food first. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. Yup! Mommy first.

Let me explain myself, maybe then you’ll understand a bit more. I became a stay at home mom about 3 years ago, at that time it was just my eldest and I. At first, I din’t know anything about being home ALL DAY LONG, I wanted to be THE “perfect” mom and wife. One of the things that I started to notice was that, instead, I was irritated and eating a lot. I was gaining weight fast, I was not able to actually sit and enjoy my food. I would prepare my then 2 year old’s food first and before I was done preparing my food, she was done and wanted out, I would eat part of my food and then get involved in whatever she was doing, which was mainly getting into things she shouldn’t.

I found myself gaining weight and miserable. In return I had a bad temper, more so than usual, and had no patience AT ALL with anybody. Eating healthy is something I enjoy a lot. I love feeling like I am fueling my body and not just satisfying my taste buds.

So, I started making my food first. I am now able to sit down at the same time as them and ACTUALLY enjoy my food. I am not proud to report that my irritation and lack of patience is STILL there, BUT! I know for sure, that is not as bad as it was before, I have maintain my weight, and I feel SO MUCH better.

Am I being selfish? I don’t think so, I am simply making sure that I am happy and healthy so I can be the best version of me to the ones I love.

Happy Tuesday Luvs!!

❤ ❤ ❤ XOXO

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23 thoughts on “Selfish Much?

  1. Hey, thanks for the comment on my blog today. And I love this! Self-care is so important and so easily forgotten, pushed to the side, and often forgotten about. I have an amazing professional mentor who, when I told her that I was expecting, reminded me to take care of myself while pregnant and after, because after all you need to put on your own oxygen mask first!

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  2. Thank you for stopping by my blog! Yes, to taking care of yourself first! I remember saying the same a couple years ago. A cousin of mine said, “You know how us mothers are. We take care of everyone else first.” I said “Speak for yourself! If I don’t take care of me first, I’m doing my family a disservice.” Great post!

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  3. Important tip on self care – teach all your kids, girls and boys, how to prepare basic foods and later how to follow recipes. I joked that my 6 children would have starved if they didn’t learn how to make a peanut butter sandwich by age 4. I was not going to be in charge of after school snacks. None of them thought me a bad mom because of that. In fact, 3 of my boys married women who did not know how to cook initially and they work together over meals now.

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  4. An excellent reminder that moms are NOT – I repeat, NOT – SuperWoman, WonderWoman, or any other super-heroine. We’re hard-working, loving folks to be sure, who lead with our hearts. So, self-care is usually tucked somewhere waaaaay out yonder. 🙂 Good for you and all moms who know we can’t love and care effectively for anyone else if we don’t love and care for ourselves, too. Thanks for the great post!


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