Frustration Fridays-Refrain from Breathing


This week I been annoyed with things like my little ones not eating/not sharing and the whole potty training…. update in 1…2…3…. POOPY FINGERS!! There! You get the gist of it. BUT! What has been annoying me the most is not my kids/husband but my short temper with EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE. No! It’s not PMS. I think is because I haven’t been able to sleep well or at least I hope that’s what it is…

Long story short I have to wear a mouth retainer, according to my dentist I grind my teeth a bit at night. Well, I just cannot get use to the freaking thing!! I’m soooooo annoyed with it!! I lay in bed feeling like something is keeping me from breathing. Which is obviously not, it’s all psychological. The retainer was custom made for my teeth and it doesn’t bother me at all, it’s just my annoying brain constantly sending me signals of “hey by the way, if you haven’t noticed you have something in your mouth, and I can’t breath”!! I’ve tried wearing it during the day to get use to it, but NOTHING WORKS!!

Any who, I been cranky and EVERYTHING bothers me at the moment, I am SO glad the weekend is here!!

Happy Friyay Luvs,

p.s. Sorry about the whole follow issue yesterday and thank you to those who helped me out

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