The Overlooked Hero


Last July I was fortunate enough to publish our own children’s book. A book about the difficult times a family goes through while a family member, in this case the father, goes through when he decides to join the Army.

My husband was in the Army when I met him. Fortunate (being consumed with weakness as I type this) for me and my little girls now, he completed his service before we had them. I missed him dearly so when he wanted to reenlist I had to be EXTREMELY selfish. I couldn’t be STRONG as all these BRAVE moms/dads/families out there.

Every time I see a video of families welcoming their hero back home I LITERALLY cry. EVERY. TIME. I just cannot deal with it. It shouldn’t be like this. How do these men and women go away leaving their WHOLE life behind without knowing if they will come back to it!!!???? It truly breaks me. It’s SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO UNFAIR!!

Well, one day I took my emotions and wrote them down, encouraged by my own personal Hero, my hubby. I wrote this little story and wanted a professional illustrator to create the drawings. Well, they were TOO expensive and we couldn’t afford it. Again, my hero challenged me to do it myself. At first I laughed SO hard! I barely can draw stick figures I assured him. He kept insisting I should just give it a go. So, eventually after exhausting all other possibilities I gave it a try.

The book is full of almost stick figured drawings and grammatical errors we didn’t find, even after reading it a million times, but found as soon as we received our own copy. We self published, we had NO help whatsoever. What makes this book special to me is that our 4-year-old along with my Veteran husband were all part of it. We created this TOGETHER. I would like to credit my littlest one too, all though she wasn’t physically part of it as my 4 year old was, she was so patient while we worked LONG hours on it. It was such HARD work.


This is book one of many other book ideas I have in mind. I hope that I can publish the second part of this story this year. I also hope the second part is a bit longer and full of more color. I do have to say that Amazon did price it a little TOO high. I also hope that someday (TOTALLY dreaming here), I can make enough from the little royalty I get to donate to organizations like Our Military Kids or  Wounded Warrior Project .


Our little book is on Amazon under “The Overlooked hero”👈🏼

Happy Sundays Luvs!!

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❤ ❤ ❤ XOXO Chicmom 





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