Prada Momma

At the moment I need to stop thinking that my 2 year old will let me have a mini photo session. IT’S IMPOSSIBLE! I hope you guys don’t mind my bathroom mirror selfies. We’ve been stuck at home. Like I said before, my 2 year old is in full terrible twos swing, the weather is insane (raining and cold), and the flu is going around so I rather not stress myself/risk bringing the flu into our home.

This bear family is hibernating at the moment, so I am literally in yoga pants ALL DAY ERRYDAY!! No current outfits to show, but, like I said before I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE FASHION!! I want my little blog to have a little of it. This is like my online diary of complains and things I want to remember and my outfits are part of that (well some of them).

It still shocks me that anyone wants to actually read anything I write! Thanks guys!!

Anyway, back to the why you probably clicked on this. This outfit is what I wore for Christmas. Like, I said before most of the stuff I will post is not new. I have too much stuff that I haven’t worn, pregnancy/loosing the weight after/and being a stay at home mom keeps most of my clothes on a hanger. As per usual I will link similar items that are available right now, just in case you dolls like the look.



All the photos are from my Iphone, they look distorted on here. Sorry.



The dress is from Prairie Underground in a size small. I couldn’t find the exact one. The brand is this one HERE but the look is similar to this HERE


These black open toe suede booties as you can see are from Prada-Calzature Donna. Get the brand look HERE or get the look for much less HERE . I wish I was a Prada Momma. I can imagine myself all decked out in Prada. Okay enough about my dreams with Prada, back to the post.


I used this Echo silk scarf as a belt. Get similar one HERE


This a Robert Lee Morris pendant necklace. I couldn’t find the exact one but this one gives you the look somewhat HERE

Well Dolls I hope you all enjoyed this look. I LOVE making post like this, it excites me to look for things online. I know…sad, looking for things that I won’t buy excites me too… Have an awesome rest of the week Dolls, from this Prada momma wannabe.

Happy Tuesday Luvs!!

❤ XOXO Chicmom

10 thoughts on “Prada Momma

    1. OH yes!! That was my ONLY motivation after both My pregnancies. I would cry so much, I had nothing to wear. The hubby got so annoyed with me, he wanted me to stop crying and buy new stuff, I refused to give in. I’m so glad I’m so stubborn (sometimes) 🤣😘

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