Valentine’s Day Lookbook

Since my little one is not feeling well, we will be staying in this Valentines womp womp. But hey, we can celebrate our love ALL year long. For you lucky ladies, that are going out, I wanted to create a blog about things that I would love to add to my closet and would totally rock for a V-day outing. I should have posted this earlier, sorry, I hope it serves as inspirations for a quick mall run or maybe it reminds you of something you already have. I hope you ladies enjoy it!

The Little Black Dress:


So flirty HERE or a little more sexy piece HERE

Colors of the month:


Here or if you truly want to be matchy matchy with the color of the month HERE 

2 Piece sets:


HERE Or this chic one HERE or skirt/top and a bit more daring set HERE

Jumpsuits of course:


HERE or this daring color (orange one) HERE

If Dresses are not your thang or just love Jeans:


This fringe Jean look is so in HERE or skinnies HERE or flared HERE

Now to top those sexy jeans girl:


Bell sleeves are so IN  HERE or this beautiful bodysuit HERE  Lace is yo friend HERE

Shoes duh!:


Suede pumps of course HERE or booties HERE and these over the knee embellished boots for the win HERE

I truly LOVE making these posts!! I cannot tell you enough how much I LOVE looking at fashion, even if it’s just to dream about having them in my wardrobe.

Happy Weekend Lovelies,

❤ ❤ ❤ XOXO, Chicmom

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7 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Lookbook

  1. Dang! These are awesome. If I didn’t have to wear a bra to look decent, I’d totally rock the red off the shoulder one. #lifegoals


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