Adorable Clothes for Girls

I Love dressing up my girls, unfortunately for me, they’re not into the whole girly girly situation. Can’t blame them though, I claim to be, reality states otherwise. I own the messy hair don’t care and yoga pants style. I have to be in the mood to dress up, and my girls have inherit the trait. I decided that it would be fun to make a post of girly things I have seen around lately that I absolutely LOVE. A mom can dream right?

The Dresses:


Manuela Bird Printed Cotton Poplin Dress HERE or A Molo Carli Bird-Print Dress HERE, these bird dresses are life giving!!

The statement shirts:


Chic Jersey T-Shirt W/Ruffled Sleeves HERE or this Girl’s mini Boden Color Change Sequin Tee HERE

The Bottoms:


Stretch Tulle Skirt & Jersey Leggings HERE or these Infant Girl’s Rosie Pope Denim Pants HERE

Le Skirts:


Bang Bang Copenhagen Bird Girl Skirt HERE or this Byblos Boys & Girls Skirt HERE

The Shoes:


Look at these Livie & Luca ‘Molly’ Mary Janes perfect for Easter HERE or these Polo Ralph Lauren Kids Propell II HERE

Hair Thangs:


This uber cute Boat Cotton French Terry Headband HERE or The Accessory Collective Flower Pom Headband HERE or if your little ones are into the Trolls look at these Dreamworks Trolls Poppy Hair Accessories Set HERE

I hope you Mommas liked this posts. I spend  A LOT of times looking at stuff online that I or my girls don’t truly need, it’s my form of window shopping.

Happy Mondays Luvs!!



10 thoughts on “Adorable Clothes for Girls

  1. I “window shop” all the time… what I also like to do is to add everything I’d like to get to basket, spend hours of doing that on different pages. And than close all the tabs! Lol 😂 like your pieces, there’s always so many cute things for girls, and the pink color, ahh 😁

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  2. I do a lot window internet shopping…cheap, can be done at any hour or time, and you have no tired kid!!;) i get some great ideas, either i make it or buy it for an event.. if its worth it! 😉

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