Happiness is inside all of us


Did that remind you of the Trolls movie? Well, I’m so over that movie (eye rolling emoji)!! Thanks to the millions of times that my girls have seen it.

ANYWAY, in the midst of this whole Valentine’s day fiasco, I wanted to write about something that I told a friend of mine, today actually. I figured, if it helped her a bit, it might help someone else too.

This is how the convo went down:

She wished me a happy Valentine’s day and I replied with “Thanks hun likewise, what are you and your guy doing to celebrate?”

Her: “Nothing, I wish he took the time but he doesn’t.”

Me: “I’m sure he’s just tired, it is Tuesday.”

Her: “Nope he’s not like that.”

Me: “Did you plan something for him?”

Her: “For what He doesn’t do it for me”

Me: “Have you ever told him that you would love to celebrate this Hallmark holiday”

Her: “For what? He won’t care, he’s just not like that”

Me: “A lot of guys (and some girls) are not like that, they just don’t see the importance of trying, after they “have” us. You should plan something for him, maybe buy some chocolate cover strawberries for both of you and enjoy it with a glass of wine.”

Her: “Yea, I guess I have to be the one who initiates things grrr”

Me: “Is not about who initiates it, is about potentially having him see how much you truly care, we cannot expect others to do things for us and not reciprocate. Even When my husband says he doesn’t want to do anything for his birthday/V-day/Christmas/etc, I always make it a point to do something for him, to show him that I CARE, because it makes ME happy to see him happy.”

Her: “You’re absolutely right, I must try. I cannot expect him to do things that I am not willing to do for him.”

Me: “You got it girlfriend!!”

I won’t tell you how that string of texts ended, let’s just say this girl got kinky FAST!! Lol!! I’m just glad that tonight, she will make herself happy by making her significant other happy.

Don’t wait around pitying yourself over how others should be making YOU happy, YOU are responsible for YOUR happiness. Create YOUR happiness!!

Happy Valentines Day Lovelies!!

❤ ❤ ❤ XOXO Chicmom


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