Let’s Talk Pjs

I cannot lie and tell you that I wake up in beautiful silky pajamas everyday, cause I don’t. Most days you will find me in yoga pants and a tank or even a onesie. BUT! I love a great pair of pajamas that makes me feel chic. I decided to share my “I feel chic in these pjs” look.

My I feel Chic pjs: 


Sorry, the pic quality and the fact that that my robe needs ironing don’t make it look as chic does it? Do me a favor, insert an ironed robe/less distorted/me wearing makeup/hair did photo in your head for me. Thanks! Truly appreciate it. 😀



The robe is from Judith Hart Fine Intimate Apparel in 100% silk in a small. Similar one HERE  or HERE



I lost the sash that came with it so I use this J.Crew belt to keep it together. If you like the look HERE

The Bottoms:


Okay once upon a time these pants had a tag, I have a bad habit of taking the tags off if they touch my skin in anyway. But these look somewhat similar HERE and HERE

This blog has become more of a fashion blog lately, I hope you ladies don’t mind. I never know in what kind of mood I will be in, and lately, fashion is THE mood. It’s so therapeutic to me. Bottom line, this blog was created to help me cope with everyday stress, fashion takes me away from mommy/wife duties and into a totally different state of mind.

Thanks to all of you who read, comment, and like my post and to those who follow me on my Instagram. I check my blog stats a lot, it gives me LIFE!! THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!! ❤

Happy Wednesday Luvs!!

❤ ❤ ❤ XOXO Chicmom




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