The Most Beautiful Love

Currently we are gushing over how our littlest attempts to throw/give us kisses. My first born use to smack her lips, this little one smacks her teeth.

The first “mama” the first “I wuv yu”the first hug. They keep me going. They truly melt me.

My youngest has recently learned to say “I wuv yu so so so mush.”

The feeling of such pure love over fills me.

After a few teeth smacking kisses, a proper ” I love you mom” from my eldest, and a “I wuv yu so so so mush” and I have it all, there’s nothing I could possible need or want more in this world.

Today I’m thankful for the UNCONDITIONAL LOVE our little ones provide.

Happy Thursday Luvs!!

❤ ❤ ❤ Chicmom

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