about_picFirst and foremost THANK YOU SO MUCH for following my blog. Chicmom is a blog about MY mommy issues, fun things, and everything in between. I am not here to judge or be judged. This is purely for laughs and support. I started this blog in hopes that I can get other mommies to laugh about their own personal mommy issues instead of critique and or feel bad about those “I’m a horrible mother” moments, in reality, we ARE trying our best and our best is perfect. This blog has a lot of profanity, I fucking know, but when you have spent most of your adult years working with kids, a teacher for 10+years, whose major is in child development, and then become a full-time parent, I want to let loose. I’m tired of using words like bum for ass, fudge for fuck, scheisse for shit, and bumble bee for bitch. So, excuse me, I am going to speak adult on here. Anyway, my name is Luz or Lucy and I am a stay at home mom of two girls a 3-year-old and a 1-year-old and a wife to a veteran who supports my every step. They are my pride and joy and even though this blog might seem like I dread being with them, it’s actually the complete opposite. They are my world and I wouldn’t change our experiences for anything. A Little disclaimer, none of the child development knowledge will be used on here and if sarcasm is not your forte I would click away. Now, for the rest of you, Please enjoy💗